Environmental Evidence facilitates rapid publication of systematic reviews and evidence syntheses on the effectiveness of environmental management interventions and on the impact of human activities on the environment.


  • Andrew Pullin, Bangor University

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It is a requirement of this journal that systematic reviews and maps considered for publication must be registered with Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE). Registration involves the prior submission, peer review and approval of a Protocol. By publishing your protocol in this journal you are registering with CEE your intent to conduct, and submit to this journal for publication, a CEE Systematic Review or Map. This is to ensure that all stages of the review process meet CEE standards. Protocols should not be submitted to this journal if authors do not intend to subsequently follow CEE guidelines and publish their systematic reviews or maps in this journal.

Click here to access detailed Instructions for Authors (not currently available on the journal website) required for each article type published by Environmental Evidence. It is important for authors to follow these detailed instructions in order for their manuscript to be rapidly processed.

In addition, we strongly encourage you to contact the Editors with a presubmission enquiry about the suitability of your manuscript. Please email the Editors who will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Society information

The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) has been registered for charitable purposes since 2007. It is a growing network of people who contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable environment management through the conduct of ‘Systematic Reviews’.

What are Systematic Reviews?

Systematic Reviews are peer-reviewed syntheses of evidence regarding the effectiveness of an intervention, the accuracy of a measurement, the occurrence of an event (e.g. disease, pollution). Knowledge is compiled from scientific literature, managers’ experience and stakeholders’ consultation at different stage of the synthesis. A strict methodology used to collect, appraise and compile all the pieces of evidence ensures objective, transparent, traceable and upgradable outputs. This method has successfully been developed in Health Sciences and Social Sciences in the past and has been adapted recently by Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation (Bangor University) and The Collaboration for Environmental Evidence for the benefit of our environment and human livelihoods.

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